Become one of Bettie’s Bombshells!


Bettie Bombshell is not only an award winning, world travelling performer, she is also a teacher and mentor of 10 years.

Private Tuition

Need an experienced performers guidance with a new or existing act? Miss Bettie Bombshell offers private tuition to budding and established performers.

Miss Bettie Bombshell works with students across the globe creating new exciting acts, and further developing existing skills. She has an extensive background in ballet, acro/gymnastics, contemporary, music theatre, and character development with 10 years of teaching experience. Her e

xtensive dance and theatre training allows bettie to mentor and guide students, as well as further their performing skills.
To book your spot enquire via the Bookings/Private Events page.

You can book your spot in Bettie’s signature charleston class at Maison Burlesque summer school Here!