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Brett Voeller, June 2024 ATS Employee Spotlight

Can you believe 2024 is almost half over already!? Applied Training Solutions’ June Employee Spotlight is all about one of our newer employees, Brett Voeller.

Brett is on our Business Development team, working as a Proposal Manager. He is responsible for developing compliant and compelling proposals for ATS to garner federal and military contracts.

Brett says he wants to integrate his skillsets to best serve the enterprise and is always enthusiastic about his work.

“As a Proposal Manager here at ATS, I’m always enthusiastic about the important work we get to do for our clients, especially in the defense and emergency management sectors,” he said. “We’re all about preparing our clients for anything, and we do that by creating some of the most advanced training and simulation tech out there.”

When he is not deep into proposal management, Brett says you can find him with his family or fly fishing. Brett has been married to his wife Margaret for 10 years, and they have two children.

When asked what he would like to learn, Brett mentioned he wants to improve his fly-tying skills for fly fishing and learn how to fly fish in salt water. He also says he cannot live without his family (or big trout)!

Regarding his hidden talents, Brett revealed that he was a semi-professional comedian in Los Angeles years ago and can secretly do voice impersonations.

When asked about his impression of ATS, he enthusiastically mentioned ATSsim, as well as how interesting and dynamic he finds the team.

“Our team is stacked with pros who know their stuff—veterans, emergency managers, you name it. This deep expertise lets us tailor our solutions perfectly to what our clients need, whether it’s training, compliance, or just getting better at what they do,” he mentioned.

Brett said that if he could meet anyone, living or dead, he would really love to meet Kurt Vonnegut.

Last but not least, Brett added, “Working at ATS means helping people stay safe and do their jobs better. We’re not just a company; we’re a key player in making sure that the folks who protect and serve are ready for whatever comes their way.”

Brett, we appreciate all the work you are doing, and we welcome you to the team! Thank you, Brett!

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